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2009-06-05 13:17:09 by jimmychap1

I do Improv. I'm a pretty funny guy, or at least that's what I think of myself. I have a very hard time being witty though. That's why I enjoy thinking up stories instead, outrageous stories. I believe this is why I enjoy Newgrounds so much, I get to experience the broad spectrum of humor shown through animations and games.

However, just because I enjoy flash animations and games a lot does not mean I find everything that is made on Newgrounds funny. In fact, some of the animations and games I see are quite tasteless. I have a very large tendency to laugh at fart jokes, but that does not mean everything in the "Crude/Bodily Function" range of humor is comedic gold. That's why I think there should be a rule for authors. It's one of the few rules that we have in terms of restricting the things we say and do on stage.

If you cringe on the inside when making a flash or making a game, aka, if you realize what you are making is wrong on many levels, then chances are it shouldn't be done. You can make it for yourself, but I strongly suggest not submitting it. Those are my personal opinions on the subject of censorship.



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