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2009-05-29 09:47:22 by jimmychap1

I'm a fan of addicting games. Simple games. I am also a fan of good flashes that are simple but have a lot of fun elements in them. "Pencilmation" is one such flash. I also enjoy "The New Guy."

I think that simple things can always be great, it just depends on how you make them. Lets say you have a very basic stick figure scene. They don't always have to fight to make it awesome. In fact, fighting is usually the last thing that the scene should be about. Lead up to the fight scene if you include one. Like...if two stick figures were waiting at a bus stop and the bus finally came. But when they both go to step onto the bus the driver signals that there is room for only one more person. This is when an argument breaks out. This is when the fighting starts. One guy tries to get on forcefully, and the other pulls him away to get on. Etc, etc.

As for games, instructions are always great. But, if it is a point and click, or a game that is meant to be explored, things should be made redundant. Have a highlight for things that can be clicked, also, size of the button that can be clicked (object, etc.) shouldn't be incredibly small. This can deter many people from playing the game.

I don't know who is going to read this. These are some thoughts I have about games and animations.


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